Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meijer deal on Smartones thru 9/29!

Go to Dominick's and get the $70 coupon book! This book is filled with some high value awesome coupons!

Buy 5 Smartones.
Use $5 off 5 Smartones from Dominick's coupon book.
Pay $4 and get a store coupon printed back for $5

Another coupon in the book is $1 off 2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls
Buy 6 cans (.99 each) this are the smaller ones with 5 rolls in it.
Use (3) $1 off 2
Pay $3 and get back $3 mfg catalina coupon (don't forget this can be used at Jewel!)

The small (3 oz.) Advanced Therapy Hand Lotion is still .99
Buy 2 and get back $2 mfg catalina coupon!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jewel and Meijer thru tomorrow

I went to Jewel this morning.

Bought 3 12 packs of Diet Coke 3 for $10. Used my (3) $3 off soda from the Chex Mix from last week. And got a free 16 oz. package of Ritz. Had to pay the $1 difference.

Picked up .39 campbell's chicken noodle soup. Supposedly there is a coupon in the 9/12 SS but I didn't see any (for .40 off of 4)

Also bought 4 Suave Lotion Naturals $2.50, if you have 2 computers print 4 coupons
Making these $6 if you have 4 coupons. Buy 4 and get back $3 cat, $2 cat, and a $2 cat. Making this $1 MM. I only had 2 coupons so I paid $1 for 4 large containers of lotion.

Used my (3) $3 Cats I got last week from my Jewel run. So I ended up spending $3.50 after tax and got back $7 in Cats.

Tonight I went to Meijer and did a quick deal.

Green Giant veggies like the ones I bought last week are on sale for .99. Buy 4 and get a cat for $1 and $2 coupon for your next order. Without any coupons pay $4 and get $3 back. With coupons make a little money on these. .50 off 1 .60 off 3

Barilla Pasta is on sale for .99. Buy 4 and stack with Meijer Mealbox for $1 off 4. Use 4 .55 off coupons from 8/29 SS and pay only .76 for 4 boxes of pasta!

Nesquick is on sale for $2.24 use $1.25 off Printable and stack with $1 off 2 Meijer Mealbox. Pay $1 for 2 cans of Nesquick powder.

Thanks Jill Catalado! See all the weekly deals here! She posts them every Sunday night. For all you Chicago Readers. Also, Mashupmom is another local one that is very good!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jewel-Osco Crazy Deal ending tonight at midnight!

There is still a few more hours on this deal...if you have nothing better to do, at least print the chex mix coupons and run out make $5 and get free pop while you are at it!

There is a crazy general mills thing going on. If you buy 10 GM items get $5 off instantly. This stacks too, so if you buy 100 GM items you get $50 off! I bought 30 items and got $15 off. On top of that things were already on sale.
After the $15 savings, here are the prices and what I did.

Green Giant is part of a national catalina. Buy 8 Green Giant get $3 catalina.
I bought 9 used (2) $1 off 3 and (1) $.60 off 3, these are $.75 when you buy in groups of 10.
After coupons $4.15 and get back $3 cat.
$1.15 for 9 boxes of Veggies!

Hamburger Helper also part of national catalina. Buy 6 HH get $3 catalina.
I bought 6 used (2) $1 off 3 These are $1 when you buy in groups of 10.
After coupons $4 and get back $3 cat.
$1 for 6 boxes of HH.

Pillsbury also part of national catalina. Buy 6 pillsbury get $3 catalina....do we see a trend here?
I bought 4 flaky Grands! Biscuits. Used (2) $1 off 2. These are $1 when you buy in groups of 10.
And bought 2 Sweet Moments. $2 when you buy in groups of 10. Used (2) $1.50 off 1
Paid $2 for Biscuits and $1 for the Sweet Moments and get back the $3 cat.

Now on to the Chex Mix. If anything do this tonight!
For every 3 bags of Chex Mix you buy you get a coupon for a free 12 pack of pop up to a $3 value.
I bought 9 Chex Mix Used (9) $.50 off 1 coupons. Go to Jills site at the bottom for all the crazy Chex Mix coupon links!
These are $1 when you buy in groups of 10.
Paid $4.50 and got back (3) coupons for (3) Free 12 packs of pop! Essentially made $4.5o on this deal.

Of course I made this whole transaction better by using catalinas to buy everything. My total after my coupons was $16. After my catalinas it was $3. Paid $3 and got back $9 in catalinas, and $9 in Free Pop!

Thank you MashupMom and Jill Catalado!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Starting to hate Target!

Maybe it is just the Target I went to but they are starting to get not very coupon friendly see here , but here is what I did.

Bought 4 Shout and Go Travel Size Wipes $.97
Used 2 $2 off 2 Shout Laundry Products from 8/8 SS

Bought 3 Hello Kitty 10 ct. Bandaids
Used $3 off 3 from the 8/1 SS
FREE! Plus Free Book!

Bought 2 Tide Travel Size Detergents
Used 2 $1 off any size Tide from 8/29 PG

Bought 2 Clean & Clear 1 oz. Morning Burst
Used 2 $1 off any Clean & Clear 8/1 SS

Bought 2 bottles of Vaseline Aloe Lotion for $2.99
Used $1.50 off Vaseline Lotion Target Coupon
and $1 off Vaseline Lotion Here
$.50 for each

The computer first only took off .97 for the shout wipes when they should have taken off .97 times 2! I talked to the cashier and she asked a manager the manager said this should not work because there is no picture of the product. I said the coupon clearly states off ANY! And she promptly accepted but she said in the future we cannot take these coupons for travel size items. Luckily I have lots of Target stores around me. I just won't be going to that one anymore :).

Thanks Hip2Save!

Some free things at Meijer

Buy a $25 Disney Gift Card and get a $5 Store coupon!

Buy 2 Glade 4 oz. Candles are on sale for $1.67
Print $1 off 2 Meijer Mealbox
And $1 off 2 from the 8/22 SS.
Pay $1.34 plus tax and get back a $2 Mfg. Coupon! Free candles and MM!

Suave 3oz. Therapy Lotion
Buy 2 and get back $2 Coupon
Free Suave Lotion!

Ziploc Bags $1.89 to $1.50
Buy 3 and get back $2 custom coupon
Use $1.50 off 2 Meijer Mealbox coupon
$1.50 off 2 from here or $1 off 2 from 8/22 SS or 9/12 SS

If you buy the $1.50 bags, Buy 4 and use 2 Meijer Mealbox and 2 $1.50 off. Pay tax and get back $2 all for free and close to a $2 MM!

Awesome deals at CVS some through tomorrow.

No picture this time, but here are the deals.

There was an extra care twitter deal, sign up here and get a coupon for $4 off $20.

Here is what I did:

Bought 4 Airwick for $10.
Used 2 B1G1 Free coupons from
Total $5 and when you buy $10 worth you get $5 ECB.
So 4 for FREE!

Purchased the High Octane Energy Chews for $1.99
Got back $1.99 ECB.

Brach's Candy Corn $.99
Got back $.99 ECB (this deal runs through 9/14)
FREE candy corn!

Nivea for Men Active 3 Body Wash $4.99
Used $1 off from 7/25 or 8/29 RP
Get back $4.99 ECB
$1 MM!

Tylenol Precise Cream 2.5 oz $5.99
Used $2 off from 9/12 SS plus $2 off CVS coupon from here
Pay $1.99 and get back $2 ECB

Total before coupons $23.96 used my $4 off $20. $19.96
B1G1 took off $5, then $1 off Nivea, and $4 off Precise Cream.
$11.02 paid with 2 $5 ECB and $1.02 on Gift card.

Got back $15 in ECB! So made about $4 this transaction thanks to the twitter deal!

Got a Raincheck for the $.77 cent candy (that is good through 9/14)
And a Raincheck for the Alive Multivitamins which are 9.99 with 9.99 back and
print $1 q here for $1 MM

Thanks MashupMom!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What a great week!! Walgreens, Jewel, Dominick's

Alright so here is what I did.

I started my shopping excursion at Walgreens at 6:40pm with nothing but a few coupons and a credit card.

I did two separate transactions.

Transaction #1
1 Breathe Right Strip 10 pack for $4
Used $1.00/1 from free sample offer.
Paid $3.32 got back $4 $.68 Moneymaker!

Transaction #2
1 Breathe Right Strip 10 pack for $4
Used $1.50/1 from 4/11 RP
Get $4 RR
Irwin Strong Nails and Hair 60 ct. $10
Get $10 RR
Carmex Mosturizing Hydrating Lip Balm $2
Get $2 RR
Listerine Zero $2.99
Used $2 off Internet Printable (now there is only a $1 coupon)
Get $1 RR

Paid $16.46 got back $17 in RR $.54 MM!

Took my RR over to Jewel-Osco

(this picture doesn't want to rotate, but you get the idea)

Transaction #1
5 Cool Whips $1 each
Total $5.09
Used $4 RR from Breathe Right Strips and $1 RR from Listerine.
Paid $.09 and got back $5 Catalina. $4.91 MM!

Transaction #2 WANT SOME FREE CHEESE!?!?!
Check this deal out
5 Kraft cheese for $2 each
Total $10.00
Used $4 RR from Breathe Right Strips
Paid $1.18 and got back $5 Catalina. $3.82 MM!

Next stop Dominicks! Wanted to use my double e-couponage! Yes if you keep loading your electronic coupons to your card eventually you will have a day like I did at Dominick's. One batch of the coupons are expiring on the 5th so wanted to get this done.

(alright...yeah I am lazy tonight)

Alrighty, Hellmann's is $1.99 after super coupon in ad
Had 2 .50 off ecoupon
and a paper .50 off coupon from the MDA booklet
.49 Hellmann's!

Vlasic Kosher Baby Dills, (Jason my hubby loves these!) $11.10
Had 2 $1 off 2 ecoupons
and a paper $1 off 2 coupon from the MDA booklet
$4.05 each, or $8.10

Mission Tortilla $3.25
Had 2 .55 off ecoupon
and a paper .55 off coupon from the MDA booklet
$1.60 Tortillas

BBQ Sauce $2.19 or $4.38 for 2
Had 2 $1 off ecoupon
and a paper $1 off coupon from the MDA booklet
$.69 each or $1.38

Glad Storage Bags $2.49 or $4.98 for 2
Had 2 $2 off 2 ecoupon
and a paper $2 off 2 coupon from the MDA booklet
$1.02 Overage

Van De Kamps $3.99
Frozen Veggies $2
Had 2 $2 off when you buy veggies and fish
and a paper $2 off coupon from the MDA booklet
FREE fish and veggies!

Tyson Breaded chicken $4.99
Had 2 $1 off ecoupon
and a paper $1 off coupon from the MDA booklet

Total was $13.72
Used $10 RR from the Nail and Hair Vitamins
Donated .28 to MDA and Paid $4!

All and all paid $25 and saved $85!! And I still have 2 $5 from the kraft deals at Jewel, and $2 RR from the Carmex from Walgreens! So really I only spent $13 if you count my cats that I still have! Thinking I may have to go do the cheese deal some more, I have 3 more $5 off coupons, and this catalina rolls!

Is it just me, or does it seem like Walgreens always has lots of free things after RR at the beginning of every month...last month it was like that too, let's see if the trend continues!